Our team

Eren Sagun
Founder and President/CEO

Eren has spent her entire educational career focused on the goal of becoming a successful businesswoman. This drive has been fueled by her creative spirit and her love of caring for others. She has been willing to put in the hard work to achieve this goal of being her best in hopes of changing the world.

Eren was born in Pittsburgh, but has lived her educational years in Des Moines, Iowa. She has been fortunate to travel to many corners of the globe as she visits her extended family in Turkey, England, and Florida frequently. She has a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and traditions among the members of her family; she knows deep in her heart that family is most important.

After the loss of her little sister, her family and her life ambitions have changed. This loss has given Eren a new perspective on the things she values most. She was touched by the gift a stranger left for her family at their front door; it shared the story of a family's loss of their son and contained items that helped Eren’s family through the hard grieving process that comes with losing a loved one. This box, to this day, brings joy and smiles to Eren and her family. Her founding of A Box Full of Sunshine is to continue this tradition in hopes that it will bring others the same level of love and joy in periods of difficult grieving.

In her spare time, Eren is an "experimental" chef, plays tennis, and loves to travel the world. She attends the University of Notre Dame where she studies finance and data science. She hopes that the skills she develops in undergraduate business school will help her to better run A Box Full of Sunshine in honor of Peri—her sister and her best friend.